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Global strife, political warfare, and economic despair have never been sexier. By Jordan Burchette

Amy Robach, ABC-

All the wailing about America's unemployment rate often overlooks some of its benefits, namely the additional time it affords you with the delectable Amy Robach, contributing editor on Good Morning America. Her previous fill-in work at NBC, on the news desk and on the NBC Nightly News was always par excellence, a term we know only because it's a synonym for "nifty" on

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Megyn Kelly, Fox News-

Like Nancy Grace, she's a tough former attorney who found a calling on cable news. Unlike Nancy Grace, she's not gross. This O'Reilly-in-training lights up our weeknights as host of The Kelly File, which, coincidentally, is the name of the envelope full of photos of her we keep under our bed.

Erin Burnett, CNN-

The playful overnight successor to Maria Bartiromo, the former CNBC weekday Street Sweetie anchored Squawk on the Street and Street Signs, as well as being a regular on NBC's Today Show, Nightly News, and Chris Matthews' occasional slimy on-air maneuver. These days, she's the anchor of CNN's Erin Burnett OutFront, which...come on. Some jokes are just too easy.

Betty Nguyen, NBC & MSNBC-

More remarkable than her escape as an infant from the fall of Saigon was this Texas Longhorn's mutant ability to make us care about news when there were cartoons on. The former host of CNN Saturday Morning and CNN Sunday Morning, she's now to be seen anchoring the news on NBC and MSNBC. Betty makes news fun, adorable, and six inches bigger. (What? She stands on a box, perv.)

Jenna Lee, Fox Business Channel- once bemoaned "foxtrots" like Jenna, but we bemoan Slate's bemoanery. She was the first thing broadcast upon FBC's debut in 2007 (Fox Business Morning, 5-7 AM EST), and currently co-hosts Happening Now with Jon Scott. We haven't been able to take our eyes off Jenna's sultry Wall Street dispatches, corporate earnings reports, and titter—er, ticker—updates since.

Deirdre Bolton, Bloomberg-

The most bookish of the ladies on our list, Deirdre is all business as the host of Money Moves - and it sets our cell phone holsters aflame. You used to have to rise at 5 AM on weekdays to get your Bolt on, but the suits at Bloomberg, astutely recognizing the pile of money they have in Deirdre, now let her sleep in 'til noon.

Julie Banderas, Fox News-

Equal parts fiery and flirtatious, this Colombian desk delicacy could originally be seen taking over for Shepard Smith on weekends of The Fox Report. Happily, she broke through the glass ceiling of weekday reportage despite never matching Shep's mastery of the newsworthy obscenity.

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC-

Aw, just kidding! He's a stand-up dude, though.

Margaret Brennan, CBS-

Financial news is eye-stabbingly boring, so it's only logical that the business networks started wrapping it in shinier foil. Enter: CNBC's former ravishing retail correspondent. We could have watched her report the sand futures in Saudi Arabia, as long as it was accompanied by those Irish eyes and a smile as big and sparkly as Warren Buffet's jewelry cave. These days, of course, she's serving as a correspondent for CBS news, principally assigned to the lucky, lucky State Department.

Courtney Friel, KTLA-TV-

It never felt like the world was going to hell while Courtney reported the news from her fill-in desk, a likely result of the beguiling poker face she perfected as host of the sport's World Tour on the Travel Channel. With poker in the rear - er, view! Rear view - and her stint at Fox over, she's now anchoring for KTLA in Los Angeles. We're betting she misses being in such close proximity to Sean Hannity's gelmet.

Rebecca Jarvis, ABC-

After coming up short as a candidate on The Apprentice 4, Becky Trumped her former competitors with her fetchingly fiscal live reports from the stock exchange, and spot desk duties at the NASDAQ Market Site. All of a sudden, economy-destabilizing market volatility had a seductive brunette lining - a lining that's now comfortably embedded at ABC.

Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC-

We originally placed Mika fourth on this list after her fiery refusal to report on Paris Hilton, but then Joe Scarborough one-upped her in YouTube lore by dropping a blatant F-bomb on air. The network delayed the broadcast by seven seconds, and we delayed Ms. Brzezinski by seven slides.

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