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Twin Peaks Is Coming Back!

Even though we're excited, we're still bitter about that cliffhanger ending…and all these other ones.

The brilliant David Lynch may be walking back into our lives (and not in the form of Dennis Hopper decked out in mommy issues, or mutant children): his highly acclaimed, primetime mind-fuck Twin Peaks is rumored to be coming back for a third season, more than 20 years after the show stopped airing. Ending on a bizarre note, just like how it started, the director left a lot up to the imagination of the viewers regarding what the hell was wrong with that town and the people deciding to live there. If the rumors are true we may finally get some answers, but the same can't be said for some of our other favorite shows. Check out the clips below to witness other cliffhanger endings, and feel free to get as pissed off as we were when they aired.

Twin Peaks

What the fuck?! Was that a brief episode of psychosis or did Dale Cooper just turn into the Antichrist? Hopefully we'll find out soon enough.

The Sopranos

Did Tony finish his onion rings while jamming out to Journey? Did his hot daughter even pass her driver's ed test legally? Did the whole famliy make it through the hurricane?! Thanks to that goddamn blackout we'll never know.


Prison jokes are always funny, except when you're in prison experiencing them first-hand. Since we have no idea if they made it out, we'd like to offer a word of advice in case they're still sporting those orange jumpsuits: don't try and get that soap. *cue slap bass*


We're still trying to figure out how the hell that guy got into the mirror. If the modern-day version could explain that, we may have at least been able to sit through the beginning credits.


After all that time trying to get back home, he gets cornered by the government?! We probably should've seen that coming. Sadist bastards!

A Modern Day Seinfeld
Primetime Babes