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Watch American Idol's 'Bikini Girl' Get Railroaded


blog_1.jpgDon't judge me. I watch American Idol—at least the first few weeks when intermingling the rare occurrences of someone with any semblance of talent are the ogres, trolls, and hobbits who've surfaced long enough to showcase their impressions of everyone's favorite Tears for Fears ditty, "Uhhhhvrrryyy Buddddy Waahh Nts Tooo Raaaal Thuh Weeeeeeirld." But, accompanying the nerd horde was Katrina Darrell, who tapped into the very heart of what makes America great: Be hot, wear a bikini, and you'll go places. After seven of her 15 minutes of fame ended, I quickly googled her, found a few puppet Web sites, a Facebook fan page with a dozen or so photos of her, and the YouTube video (above) of her modeling in one of sunny California's railroad tracks. Really? Couldn't find a beach on the West Coast? Whatever. Reaction to the her ranges from "Would" to "has the face of a dead beaver" to "<expletive deleted><sexual maneuver deleted><expletive deleted>". Stay classy, Internet.