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Watch Our Fearless Leader on "The Today Show"

Maxim's editor in chief Dan Bova visits Rockefeller Plaza; morning television forever altered.

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This morning, our very own Dan Bova appeared on the seventeenth hour of the Today Show, where he presented Hoda Kotb and guest host Anthony Anderson with five awesome, Maxim-approved toys for boys.

Featured items included a Jägermeister "shot ski," fancy sweat-wicking baseball caps from New Era—"a great way to start your kid on a lifelong journey of pain and suffering if he's a Mets fan"—and a tricked-out leather car seat, perfect for dads who want to run the Gymboree carpool like a boss.

We were lucky enough to reach Bova for comment this afternoon, and asked him about the experience of shooting the segment. "I always welcome the opportunity to drink in the morning without any chance of getting arrested," he said, adding, "And Hoda is not actually taller than me. That's just a camera trick."

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