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Will Seth Meyers Confirm "Late Night" Rumors on "SNL" This Weekend?

Who knows. But in the meantime, host Melissa McCarthy's promo ads are a great way to waste time.

It's been a pretty big week over at NBC, with the news that Jay Leno will be stepping down from his hosting duties at The Tonight Show (again) in 2014, and will be replaced by Late Night host Jimmy Fallon. It has also been widely speculated that Fallon will be replaced in turn by SNL Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers - a position previously held by Fallon. It's telev-incest! Or whatever.

All in all, this is great news for everyone, since - let's be honest - Jay Leno is about as funny drywall, Fallon is awesome, and Seth Meyers deserves more screen-time than he can get with his current gig. Honestly, the only loser in this situation is probably Conan O'Brien.

We'd wager a bet that Seth Meyers will address the rumors in a joke on this weekend's episode of SNL, hosted by the very funny Melissa McCarthy. Check out her new promo ads below. And either way, take solace in knowing that in the not-too-distant future, we'll live in a world where we can slow-jam the news at 11:35pm.


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