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Will "Tyrant" be the next "Homeland"?

The producers of the show people won't shut up about have something new coming to FX.

Photo Courtesy of Kent Smith / Showtime

Whether you watch it or not, you've probably heard friends, coworkers, and random people on the bus talking about Showtime's Emmy-winning hit Homeland. The story of a Marine-turned-congressman (who may be a terrorist!) and the sexy (put possibly insane!) CIA officer who is obsessed with him has certainly captured the viewing public's imagination. (There was even a pretty hilarious SNL skit poking fun at the show.) Well, prepare for more water-cooler chatter, as FX just announced they've ordered a pilot for a new series called Tyrant from the team behind Homeland. This new show, set in the Middle East, is about an American family dealing with a tumultuous political situation following the demise of a dictator. Sounds like it'll be some seriously dramatic TV! (That is, assuming FX doesn't add these guys to the cast.)

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