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12 Must-Haves For The Perfect Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Celebrate in style with these cool accessories for your tequila habit. Who says Drinko de Mayo can't be classy? (We probably should start with not saying "Drinko de Mayo" anymore, huh?)

1. Wood Handle Bar Tools Set

First things first: You can't mix your drinks, gut your limes, and measure your liquor like a boss without these manly but stylish bar tools from West Elm. 

2. Cacti and Succulents

Skip the banners and plastic maracas this year, and pick up some succulents and cacti that you can enjoy all summer long. Efficiency, people. 

3. Fiesta Cloth Napkins

Add some Southwestern flare and color to your fiesta with these herringbone striped napkins from Etsy shop aclhandweaver.

4. Classic Glass Drink Dispenser

If you're opting for a jargarita theme, then use these giant glass jars to dispense lime juice, tequila, and ice.

5. Imusa Mortar and Pestle

Make your own fresh green guacamole (not the brown stuff that's been sitting in the store for a bagillion hours) with this sweet mortar and pestle from Imusa

6. Jalapeno Pepper Roaster

Impress your guests with your mad appetizer skills when you make ​jalapeño poppers with this roaster made specifically for that purpose. You get a ​jalapeño popper! You get a jalapeño popper! Everyone gets a jalapeño popper!

7. Professional Juicer (for limes)

The only juice craze we want to get into is the one where we smash the hell out of some limes to accompany some premium tequila. This gorgeous pro juicer is perfect for oranges, lemons, and grapefruits so you can make perfect palomas, too.

8. Himalayan Salt Tequila Glass

Skip the whole salt on your hand, shoot, then lick your hand (gross), then stick a lime in your mouth thing, and use these badass salt glasses instead. The best part? You can keep using them until they are little tiny remnants of tequila shots past. 

9. Las Ramblas Tortilla Warmer

Keep your burritos, quesadillas, and tacos nice and toasty with this brown, black, and white warmer from Crate and Barrel. 

10. Frontera Margarita Mix

This all-natural, preservative-free marg mix is delicious, fresh, and free of high fructose corn syrup. That's our favorite thing to be free of!

11. Salud Azul Margarita Glass

Just because you're drinking sweet cocktails doesn't mean you can't do it in style. Enjoy your favorite tequilas out of these royal blue goblets, which you can bust out again for your next Game of Thrones rager.  

12. Premium Margaritaville Trio Frozen Concoction Maker

If you're the king of Margaritaville and all this other stuff we've listed is (in your opinion) for amateurs, then say hello to our little friend: the Premium Margaritaville Trio Frozen Concoction Maker. Whip up 72 ounces of boozy heaven with this mega marvel of a cocktail machine. And then do it again. And again... and again... happy Cinco de Mayo, y'all!

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