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Whether you're shopping for Father's Day or commencement, we've got a gift for that guy.

SEA-DOO Dream Island Party Float -

Halfway between a dollar store flotation device and a full-blown motherfuckin’ boat, stands (or floats) the SEA-DOO Dream Island—an inflatable party barge suitable for seven sunbaked recent grads. Equipped with copious cup holders, a shade-providing canopy, and a waterproof MP3 storage box and speakers, this pontoon will comfortably satisfy your pond, lake, or beach party needs till you land a position with that small-cap hedge fund and step up in class. BYO life preservers. ($500)

—Ken Gee

Neon MIXR Beats Headphones-

Great for post-grad travel, the Beats MIXRs are easily folded up and tossed in a carry-on, so they can drown out that screaming baby on your flight or deliver thumping tunes as you sip drinks with umbrellas on the beach. Sadly, they can’t stop that same screaming toddler from kicking the back of your seat for the entire flight. ($249.95)

—John Sciarrino

<em>Game of Thrones</em>’ “Night’s Watch”-

In Westeros, the only watch anyone needs is the Night’s Watch, because no matter what time the sun says it is, it’s always time-to-die o’clock. But today’s throne-seekers have more practical time-telling needs, and that’s where this collaboration between designer Ulysse Nardin and HBO’s Game of Thrones comes in. There are only 25 of these bad-boys, and snagging one will cost you an arm and a leg. But with its stainless steel and sapphire crystal case, engraved GoT logo, and “I am the sword in the darkness” inscription, owning one of these is as badass as you can get without birthing your own fire-breathing dragon. ($10,500)

—Justine Goodman



Hamilton Breakfast Sandwich Maker-

According to science, some 600 million Americans suffer from an ailment commonly known as “I’m fucking starving, but I’m also fucking lazy.” Also according to science, every single one of them loves breakfast sandwiches. That revelation led the people over at Hamilton to devise the all-in-one breakfast sandwich maker seen here—also known as the most important invention in the history of mankind. Choose your bread, add in the fixings (egg, cheese, meat), wait for what will likely be the longest five minutes of your life, and voila: a perfect breakfast sandwich. Mmmm, bacon… ($29.99)

—Justine Goodman

Seiki 50” 4K LED HDTV-

We could bore you with the eye-opening specs for this dynamo of a television, but we’d much rather talk about a different number: the price. We dare you to find a comparable 4K TV for this price. Go ahead, we’ll wait. But just so you know, you’re only wasting time searching when you could be admiring every nook and cranny of Ron Washington’s mug in ultra-high definition. Your call. ($1,299 for Maxim readers who enter code FWK92617 at checkout now through June 16. Usually $1,499).

—Cameron Berkman


MAPI Tion Leather iPhone Case and Wallet-

If dads and grads have anything in common, it’s that they love their iPhones and they love their money. Or something like that. If only there was an easy way to lose both at once. Well, with MAPI’s super sleek iPhone case with built-in slots for money or credit cards, you’ll never have to worry about just losing your iPhone or just losing your wallet again. Just kidding. This thing is awesome. Save space in your pockets while protecting your phone, and better yet, do it with a classy leather case instead of one of those oversized, awkward plastic monstrosities. ($50)

—Justine Goodman


Mizuno JPX-825 Irons-

Dad made a lot of sacrifices for you over the years. OK, not that many, but one thing he probably didn’t shell out for while he was paying your goddamn tuition was a new set of irons. That’s part of the reason he’s still scuffing it all over the fairways after all these years. Help him out with the Mizuno JPX-825s. With a slightly oversize face, bottom-heavy perimeter weight (to help get the ball in the air), and added thickness behind the impact zone for extra pop, they make it much harder to hit bad shots. Tip: Get Dad more flexible shafts. It’ll help boost his clubhead speed and distance. ($699 [steel shafts]; $899 [graphite shafts])

—Ken Gee

Harry & David Gourmet Steak Sauces-

What could be better than steaks on the grill? Steaks on the grill with steak sauce made of wine! Duh. The Harry & David gift set comes with three flavors: Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and Plum Port. This stuff will make your dad feel fancy, and your mom will probably like it too, because women like fancy food and what not. Tons of good son points all around. ($29.95)

—Bailey Swilley

Soloshot Tripod-

The Soloshot Tripod is an ingenious device that automatically aims your camera at the included armband, which means you can be in the photo without being behind the camera or resorting to awkward selfies. Great for dads who want to avoid the motion sickness of filming their kids run up and down a b-ball court or grads who want to capture that endless summer surfing trip that’s on the horizon. As a bonus, it totally makes filming your own sex tape possible without having to ask a skeezy friend to film you doing the deed. Everybody wins! ($479)

—John Sciarrino

Evil Customized Gaming Controllers -

Evil Controllers’ array of customization options is simply staggering, from hydrographic designs printed directly onto the controller face to tweaked out button configurations for hardcore gamers. We highly recommend the battery pack options that jam kindle batteries into controllers for the incredibly long, uninterrupted gaming sessions. Adult life only leaves so much time for gaming; don’t waste it playing the remote-control battery shuffle, and spend that time playing Madden instead. (Starting at $69.99)

—John Sciarrino

Atelier Shoes-

Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, Atelier offers some of the most comfortable, best-looking shoes that we’ve seen for summertime. Sure, you could go with any of the typical colors, dark blue, tan or black but, whether you’re a dad or a grad, the red or yellow options are infinitely more eye-catching and awesome than your boring, old, brown boat shoes. ($290; available at Boticcelli)

—John Sciarrino

Crosley Portable Turntable and MP3 Player-

Finally, here’s your dad’s chance to jump into the 21st century without sacrificing that vinyl he’s been clinging to for roughly half a century. In addition to playing vinyl records, the Crosley Turntable has software built in for easy vinyl to digital conversion. As an added bonus, it comes in this vintage-y looking suitcase for easy and attractive storage. Now if you could just teach your dad how to use his iPhone… ($109.95)

—David Oliver

Rise & Hang Weekender Travel Bag-

Traveling is the best, but packing is the worst, amirite? All that stuff mushed together in one jumbling mess of a sack, sharing more sweaty bacteria than a Las Vegas hot tub. And how about when you need to find something that’s all the way at the bottom of the bag? Might as well just skip the vacation altogether. No longer, thanks to this handy travel bag, which makes organizing all your shit a breeze with built-in hanging compartments designed to separate and keep your things organized for the duration of your trip. Simply hang the bag from a closet rod, door, or chair back, and it functions as temporary shelving. Several exterior pockets are great for storing toiletries or shoes, and a handy bottom pouch keeps your dirty clothes separate. We also imagine it makes rummaging through your stuff way easier for handsy TSA workers. So, there’s that. ($99)

—Justine Goodman

Pioneer App Radio2-

Face it: nobody listens to the radio anymore. If you’re already sick of spending your commute to your new job with obnoxious middle-aged DJs making dick jokes (not that there’s anything wrong with dick jokes), Pioneer’s AppRadio2 is the best aftermarket solution we’ve found for getting all your iPhone or Android music, Pandora, nav apps, and more, right on your car’s dashboard. Small warning: iPhone 5 users will need a small adapter to get the most out of their phone when using the AppRadio, but it’s worth the pickup when you never have to listen to that Cars 4 Kids radio ad ever again. ($140.00)

—John Sciarrino

NFL Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Slow Cooker-

Because chili and football go together like Manti T'eo and non-existent women, Crock-Pot has designed a line of NFL branded slow cookers perfect for game-day parties. Any of the 32 teams’ logos can be slapped onto the 6-quart cooker, which comes with stoneware that makes it easy to transfer from the kitchen (or dorm room) to the party. Just turn it on after dumping in your chili ingredients, hunk of meat, or cheese. But please, for the love of John Madden, keep the vegetables out of this. ($59.99)

—Laura Leu

LEGO <em>Star Wars:</em>: Red Wing Five X-wing Starfighter-

There’s only one gift guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any man who receives it: cash money. But after that, LEGOs! The Red Wing Five X-wing Starfighter will have dads and grads jumping for joy faster than you can say “Red Wing Five X-wing Starfighter!” This baby is comprised of almost 1,600 LEGO brick pieces—which isn’t quite as many as the one that landed in Times Square a few weeks ago, but it’s more than enough to keep both fathers and sons occupied for a while. ($199.99)

—David Oliver

Airocide Air Purifier -

NASA wants to get you out of the doghouse. After a full NFL Sunday of smoking cigars, eating wings, and letting the wet dog back in the house so you don’t miss a play, you’re significant other’s schnozz is going to betray you as soon as she steps into the house. Fortunately, this sleek air purifier is powered by NASA technology, and pulls all those unpleasant scents into a matrix (not that Matrix – take off those sunglasses, Neo), and destroys them on contact. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how helpful Airocide could be—though you do have to be one to build it. ($799)

—Cameron Berkman

Mophie Helium Juice Pack for iPhone 5-

Here’s something no one has ever said: “I love my iPhone 5, but I just wish the battery didn’t last so goddamned long.” In fact, studies show that just thinking about Siri can result in a 10% drain on your battery. Sure, you can recharge, but being constantly tethered to an outlet isn’t conducive to living your life. Or being at a bar all the time. The Mophie Helium Juicepack is a mobile case that charges your iPhone on the go. It’s ultra-thin, ultra-light, and will squeeze out several additional hours of talktime, web surfing, game-playing, or, in the case of your dad, learning how to send a text message. ($79.95)

—Justine Goodman






Baggo Bag Toss Games-

Baggo has long been the official sport of tailgating (aka, drinking in parking lots before watching actual sports), but it’s time to get it out of the parking lot. Stop depending on your weird friend Jerry’s homemade junk, and take your bag toss game to the next level. The official Baggo set comes with a customizable face, a measuring rope, eight heavy-duty bean bags, and a scorekeeping slider on both sides of each board—because counting and drinking never really got along. ($99)

—Cameron Berkman

Air Jordan V “Grape” -

If you want to feel old, consider that the average college graduate wasn’t even alive when the original Air Jordan V launched in 1990. Still, true sneakerheads know a classic when they see it, and they’ll swoon for these recently re-issued throwback kicks from Nike, which pay homage to another era—namely, one where the Chicago Bulls were the team to beat. ($160)

—Justine Goodman

Looxcie HD Camera-

Do you have an over-sharer in your life? Whether you know a dad or a grad who loves to put everything out there on social media or on video, this gift is perfect. The Looxcie HD allows direct to Facebook live streaming, which is huge! It's got a variety of mounting options, so you don't always need to carry it. Just make sure you stay out of view-slash-aren’t doing anything incriminating when this bad boy is turned out. ($199)

Bailey Swilley

Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser-

Now that you’ve got that diploma, it’s no longer respectable to do certain things:  take shots out of anything resembling a luge, order well vodka, or drink wine that comes in a box. Helping to solve at least one of those problems? The Boxxle, a classy device that conceals and dispenses box wine into a glass (not to be confused with a Solo cup or your mouth). The Boxxle can hold up to three liters of vino, and even better, keeps it fresh for up to six weeks. Although if that sweet, sweet bag of Franzia is still around in six weeks, you probably learned all the wrong things in college. ($100)

—Justine Goodman

Griffin Moto TC Monster Truck-

It’s everything any man’s 10-year-old self could hope for! Perfect for both dads and grads, this Griffin monster truck is controlled completely through a free app for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And better yet, it actually works. So, basically, you’re giving him all the happiness that comes with giving him a car without actually buying him a car. Because cars are expensive, yo. ($59.99)

—David Oliver



Pocket Monkey-

Are you a guy on a budget whose dad is a real-life Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, only less incompetent? Then he’ll appreciate the Pocket Monkey—a weekend handyman’s best friend. Small enough to fit in any standard wallet, it serves a whopping 12 different functions, including: Phone kickstand, bottle opener, screw-driver (flat, micro, and Phillips), ruler, wrench, and straight edge. Hell, this thing can even pick a lock. Not that your dad does that very often—unless, of course, he’s much cooler than our dads. ($12)

—Justine Goodman

Jonathan Adler "Dads & Lads" Tie Sets-

If Dad has been sporting the same Looney Toons ties for years, it's time to update his wardrobe, we seriously need to explain? Luckily, designer Jonathan Adler has launched a neckwear line that's both stylish and colorful. There's no wascally wabbits in the collection, but there are squirrels. But the best part about these ties? They come in special sets containing a tie for both father and son, so dad's favorite little guy can wear one, too. Or just put one on the dog. Either way. ($150)

Bailey Swilley


Moneual Rydis MR6550 Robot Vacuum-

Welcome to adulthood! A place where you mom doesn’t clean up after you, and you’re paying way too much rent for the four-walled shoebox you live in to trash it like a dorm room. But that doesn’t mean you know/care to know how to vacuum. Enter this super intelligent robot vac, which is essentially a Roomba on steroids. At only 3.2 inches thick, and guided by 15 different types of internal sensors, it glides under furniture with ease, obliterating dust bunnies and whatever other weird stuff is lurking in the corners of your floors. Because you know who doesn’t like weird stuff or dust bunnies? Girls. ($299)

—Justine Goodman

Kirabook Touchscreen Laptop-

Toshiba’s new line of ultra-portable touchscreen laptops is pretty much the best experience you can have on a Windows 8 computer. The entire 13” screen is enabled for multi-touch and even the lowest spec versions (Core i5) will make mulch of any multimedia you throw at it. The combo of the touchscreen and the full-sized keyboard paired with Kira’s uber-thin, two pound body makes it a pleasure to use during a couch-surf session or as a companion for all those business trips you’ll be taking if you ever get a job. (Starting at $1599)

—John Sciarrino

HEX Laptop Duffel-

Raise your hand if your dad leaves for work every day looking like some sad-sack high school science teacher, with a pocket protector and a Jansport backpack from 1984 stuffed with electronics. Now, wouldn’t it be better if he could carry all his stuff in a super-stylish yet masculine cross between a laptop bag and a briefcase? Yes, it would. The laptop duffel from HEX’s Tribute line features dedicated fleece-lined laptop and iPad compartments, plus a main interior storage area for whatever else he needs to carry. It also boasts a built-in pen and card organizer, an exterior iPhone pocket, and two snap pockets for loose items. The shell is a water-resistant navy blue, fine-wale corduroy with contrasting tan leatherette trim—for a look that says, “I don’t read Men’s Vogue. But only because it folded in 2008.” ($99.95)

—Justine Goodman

Fanatics No. 1 Dad Team Shirts-

It’s time to pull a Jerry Seinfeld and get your dad the heartfelt gift he’s always wanted. No, not a Cadillac—a “No. 1 Dad” team shirt from! Whether he’s a Giants fan or a Patriots man, there’s no better way to show Dad you care than with a shirt that simultaneously expresses team spirit and reminds everyone that he’s the best dad ever. ($12.99)

—David Oliver




<em>Star Wars</em> Darth Vader Voice Changer-

The nice thing about graduating from college is it means you are free to be a nerd, without judgment or eye-rolling from your peers. Because you’re smart! And you’re on the fast-track to unemployment big things! And this Star Wars Darth Vader voice changer – which allows you to adjust the pitch of your own voice so as to sound exactly like Vader himself, and comes with a life-size helmet and chest plate – will let everyone know that you’re a winner. A winner who loves Star Wars. And while grads may appreciate it more than dads, there is one exception: If your name is Luke, you must bestow this upon your father, for obvious reasons. ($180)

—Justine Goodman

2013 Dads & Grads Gift Guide