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How to Become a Maxim Photographer

You don’t need an art degree or a beret to make your lady look sexy through the lens.

Ditch the flash.
The light from your camera’s flash is hard and unforgiving, so she’ll look shiny, and imperfections will be highlighted. You can put a piece of white masking tape over it to soften the glare or just ditch it altogether. Stick her next to a big window: Soft daylight makes Photoshop all but unnecessary. Unless she has a goiter.

Zoom in.
Take a few steps back and use the zoom to frame your lady. Wide-angle lenses make every­-
thing in the middle of the picture look bigger and everything around the edges stretch like a fun­-
house mirror. You may love what that does to her boobs, but she’ll be not so psyched when her nose looks like it belongs on a UFC fighter’s face.

Don’t cut off her limbs.
A bad crop can make the sexiest model look like an awkward amputee (if that’s what you’re into, carry on). Try to keep some space between her arm and leg joints and the edge of the picture, and don’t chop off the top of her head. It creates the illusion of a huge forehead, like some kind of sexy Frank­enstein (again, if that’s your thing, go for it).

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