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These New Air Jordans Will Kick You In The Eyes

You'll either love 'em or hate 'em. But you won't be able to ignore them.

What it is: This year’s annual Air Jordan offering is the most polarizing one we’ve ever seen. Sneakerheads the world over either hate the aquaman booty stylings of the XX8’s zippered upper, or praise Tinker Hatfield’s mad scientist moves to evolve the style and performance of the most iconic sneakers in basketball history.


Why We Like It: The XX8’s that dropped in February looked like they were standard issue gear for anyone entering the Matrix with their neon green and black colorway. Now March is here, and Brand Jordan is taking us back to the basics with some primary color variants. We dig the articulated wave design - zipped up on the court, unzipped everywhere else - but, when it comes to kicks, wearing is believing, and the XX8s are the second most comfortable thing we’ve ever strapped to our feet. The most comfortable? A bag of cottonballs...but they made playing defense impossible.


Where to get it:

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