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Latest trends and fashion tips for guys.

Sebastien James Is Designed to Sell
The European entrepreneur is growing his eponymous label one transaction at a time.


About Maxim's Upkeep Section

You already know and love Maxim for its commitment to bringing you comprehensive coverage of the hottest girls on the planet, but did you know we also have a boatload of other guy-centric content? It's true! Welcome to the Upkeep section, where you'll find all the latest news and trends in men's clothing, style, and grooming, plus our unique take on other subjects like fitness and money.

When it comes to your style, you like to be the first to know about the hottest must-have gear and accessories, right? Our style experts have you covered with daily posts on men's outerwear, footwear, underwear, and everything in between—because if you're old enough to read Maxim, you're too old to let your mom choose your outfits. We've also got crucial advice on what not to wear, whether you want to impress a girl or just generally avoid ridicule when you walk down the street. Speaking of the street, if your look has gone from hobo chic to just plain hobo, we'll show you how to clean up like a pro. Read up on the best men's products, from luxe shaving kits to men's colognes that won't make you smell like New Jersey (but might make you smell like Donald Trump. In a classy way!).

Looking to get in shape? Check out our fitness pages for exclusive instructional training videos, step-by-step exercise guides to help you learn new ways to punish yourself at the gym, and tips from celebrity trainers on how to recreate the grueling workout routines of professional athletes. Or, if that's not really your bag, read up on other important fitness topics, like how to achieve that coveted sumo wrestler physique you've been cultivating since high school.

Of course, you'll also find our trademark humor peppered throughout. Because whether it's a completely worthless product we can't believe exists or an insanely awesome new accessory we can't wait to buy, at Maxim we believe there's always a way to make fun of it—and then use it as an excuse to look at pictures of beautiful girls in bikinis.