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Bar Of The Week: The Gin Room, Madrid

The awesome girls of are here to help you find the world's greatest watering holes.


The Gin Room, Madrid, Spain



If anyone’s celebrating Madrid’s gin moment, it’s BarChick. Gin bars are popping up all over the place and everyone is suddenly knocking back that oh-so-English spirit, big time. When it comes to those little juniper berries, The Gin Room does it best - it’s secluded, specialist, and attracts the Madrileños in need of an after-work gin fix. The large menu features rare gins from all over the place, paired with a carefully selected garnishes to match their complex or subtle flavors – think cinnamon, green apple, liquorice, or even edible gold for those who like some extravagance in their mouth.


Obviously there are other spirits on offer, but ordering them is like ordering steak at the fish market - it ain’t a thing. BarChick totally digs the bowl of jelly sweets that accompany every drink, although there’s the option to order more gourmet tapas for the truly peckish. The décor is ultra-chic, with an anatomically correct horse lamp by Philippe Starck greeting you as you enter, and to be honest there isn’t a person alive who doesn’t look good when lit-up like this. Get comfy in the lengthy leather sofas, and let the gin games begin!


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