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Crashing Las Vegas

Unless you’re 72, you won’t be sleeping too much. But that doesn’t mean your Sin City adventure doesn’t need a proper base of operations.

The Hangover Suite at Caesars Palace
Though “the Villa” doesn’t actually exist, the Hangover Room was closely modeled on the real-life two-story Emperors Suite. For a few thousand bucks you’ll get two bedrooms, master baths, and a wet bar. Mike Tyson’s tiger sold separately.

Palms Bungalows
Don’t feel like elbowing your way into one of Vegas’ famously decadent pool parties? Throw your own when you book one of these beachside bungalows! Take a new acquaintance for an arm-floaties-optional dip in the private Jacuzzi.

The Wynn and Encore
A beach club, a golf course, and an aquatic theater are just some of the amenities you can find at Steve Wynn’s twin five-star properties. And with 20 restaurants and some of the hottest clubs in town, you might never actually step foot on the Strip.

The Palazzo
This Italian-style luxury hotel offers seriously swank suites, and—along with its sister joint, the Venetian—is the best bet for the sports fanatic. No joke, the sportsbook is crazy cutting-edge, and the Emeril-approved Lagasse’s Stadium is like a sports bar on steroids. (Minus the bacne.)