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Shock Science News: Weed Makes You Less Motivated!

“NO, REALLY??” - Everyone

Photo: Mary Evans / Everett Collection

To everyone’s amazement, a recent study out of the UK reveled that long-term use of marijuana (of all the things!) causes less dopamine production in the brain and may lead to a lessening in motivation. Whether it was the millions of anecdotal stories of dudes, bros, and total dude bros maxin’ and relaxin’ with crates of Doritos, Super Smash Bros., and a packed bong instead of getting jobs, or whether it was literally every pop culture reference to do with marijuana for the past 30 years that led researchers to explore this avenue of research, we’ll never know!

Some less exciting news from the study? Cannabis users are more likely to suffer from schizophrenia and report psychotic-like incidents under the influence of the drug…which actually backs up pop-culture perceptions of marijuana from 80 years ago. Reefer Madness depicted teens going on insane benders while on the influence of wacky tobacky, and is widely considered a pretty stupid propaganda movie. But could this research reveal it was right all along!?

We’re going with…no. Definitely not. We hope.

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