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News, tips, recipes and guides to all of the finer guilty pleasures for men

The 8 Bar Tools Every Man Should Own
From jiggers to juicers, here’s what you need to make just about any cocktail.


About Maxim's Vices Section

Welcome to Maxim Vices, a place where all fun and naughty things live. Here, we’ll have a drink and chow down together, go on weird and exotic adventures, learn how to please a woman, and throw down in Vegas. Buckle up.

In our Booze section, you’ll find daily beers and strong cocktail recipes to try at home. Check out round-ups of our favorite bourbon, vodka, tequila and more. Read news about the alcohol world and browse through photos of various festivals. And don’t forget to check in for our latest drinking games.

With Maxim Food, you’ll see more than just burgers and bacon – we've also got pics of the funniest, fattiest and stupidest foods, as well as interesting updates about what people are eating and where. Read interviews with awesome chefs and tips on where to get the best grub in the country.

We know what guys look for in a stellar vacation, so see our photos from the cool places we go, read recommendations on where you should go, and see where your hometown landed on our annual Best Man Cities list.

Catch up on the latest and strangest in sex news. When you’re done learning about the newest medical breakthrough for getting it on, read some of our sex stories that will teach you everything you need to know to please your woman – plus things your girlfriend would never tell you but wants you to know.

Just because you can’t make it out to a Maxim Party doesn't mean you should miss out on all the fun! View sexy photos from our biggest bashes—whether we’re at Comic-Con, the Big Game, or celebrating our Hot 100, we’ll keep you along for the wild ride!

In addition to our Maxim Parties Channel, you can also check out all the crazy fun we’re having in Vegas at Tao Beach and get all of our recommendations on where to party, eat, crash, play and more in Sin City.

Thanks again for stopping in to Maxim Vices—now go have fun!