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Vikes Should Take A Hike

When the Green Bay Packers battled the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football, it used to be an event. Not anymore. The only uglier gridiron war is being waged at Penn State. The Packers drubbed the Vikings 45-7 as Aaron Rodgers picked apart the Viking defense like John Madden disembowels a turkey on Thanksgiving. Casey Matthews delivered a vicious beat down on Vikings rookie QB Christian Ponder. The game was how Jerry Sandusky should plead to his array of heinous charges, no contest. The Packers-Vikings is just one more pairing that used to be great but has now fizzled.

Other great pairs that are no longer happening:


1. Kobe vs. LeBron: With the NBA on ice, due to the ridiculous strike, this rivalry is on hiatus. It’s hard to feel sorry for millionaires complaining that they’re not getting enough cash. “They make a lot of money but they spend a lot of money,” Patrick Ewing said of striking ballers.” But somehow they still have enough green to hit the strip clubs.

2. Miami vs. Florida State: Both teams have been on probation more than Lindsay Lohan. Since the schools break more laws than records and aren’t part of the top 20, interest isn’t what it once was.


3. Charlie Sheen and his wives: Always entertaining stuff came out of Sheen’s brief unions But it appears that Sheen has run out of women to marry.

4. Nebraska vs. Oklahoma: When Nebraska left the Big 12 for the Big Ten, they abandoned the Big Game in late November.

5. Kim Kardashian and her boyfriends: KK has had a stable of athletes longer than most sports agents. The reality star went out with such elite players as Reggie Bush and Miles Austin before settling down with Kris Humphries. But wait, Kardashian has broken up with K-Hump and is ready to date again. Awesome. Game on.