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We Have the Sony PlayStation 3D TV, and It Looks Kinda Great

Sony's new PlayStation 3D Display (basically a $500 gaming-centric 3D TV that looks like a giant PSP) was announced back in June. Months later, and well we finally got our hands on one (street date: November 13). And you know what? It looks kind of awesome.

We just pulled ours from its box, and here are our initial impressions of the gaming-centric 24-incher.

-This thing is extremely light. It would be very easy for somebody to pick this thing up and move it from room to room. Or even to a friend's house (assuming you haven't bolted it to a wall). It is also very slim--which is interesting, considering Sony has promoted the built-in speakers as a plus (it is hard to make decent-sounding speakers that are also on the thin side). 

-Sony seems to have gone out of their way to make wall-mounting easy. They included all the necessary brackets and anchors, as well as instructions. This seems like the kind of thing any Joe with a drill-driver could do.

-The TV is ridiculously shiny, and there's a chance this could present glare problems for daylight playing (though we have yet to confirm this).

-Yes, it looks exactly like a giant PSP. 

-The 3D glasses they popped in our box are very bulky. 

Of course, this TV's main problem is that it seems be pretty narrowly targeted. At 24-inches, it is too small to serve as the primary TV for most people, and if given the choice between hooking your PS3 up to this thing or your living room's 50-incher, most people would go for the bigger screen. The best I can figure, Sony is targeting people (particularly gamers) who want to make the jump to 3D, but who aren't ready to ditch their still-works-just-fine 2D flatscreen. This lets them do both.