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What's Your Holiday Gifting Style?

maxim quiz - whats your holiday gift giving style

Take our quiz to find out your holiday gifting style and the type of girl that matches your taste!

When shopping for holiday gifts I tend to head straight to the:

High-end department store.

My local sporting goods store.

My go-to gift for someone I don't know too well is:

A cashmere scarf.

A football jersey.

My favorite novel.

When it comes to wrapping I...:

Get it gift wrapped at the store.

Throw it in a bag.

Use vintage newspaper.

When giving a gift, I:

Wait for the perfect moment - right after dinner and drinks.

Just give it to her. Straight to the point.

Explain its significance in a long, well-written card.

When it comes to myself, I would most appreciate receiving:

Something expensive and high-quality.

Tickets to the game.

My next great read.