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Will The Villain In Grand Theft Auto V Be The Economy?


So its been a day since we first got our eyeballs on the Cali-themed GTA V trailer, and like most humans with an Xbox and a sole, we're pretty stoked to spend a few weeks gaining weight while engrossed in Rockstar's fractured take on Lala Land. And the best thing about the trailer? The way it reminds us of our favorite thing about the GTA series--its kick-ass social commentary.    

GTA IV relished in poking fun at all that makes New York (and, yeah, New Jersey) great: From our (yep: Maxim's based in NYC) diseased flying rats, to our often-unjustifiable sense of exceptionalism (we're only the best thing the planet has ever seen most of the time). 

And GTA V? Well, if the trailer is any indication, its scope will be pointed squarely at the economy. 

After an initial brush with the more glamorous side LA life, the trailer quickly fades into a montage of bums, street urchins, and other signs of economic decay. If Rockstar is smart (and they are), they'll make the recession and its drip-slow recovery the major themes. And hey, it could even be the reason the narrator needs to get back into robbin'-and-killin' the game. After all, in tough economic times, a life of crime seems a whole lot more appealing. And such a topical storyline would do much to solidify Rockstar and GTA as the premiere satirists of the video game world.