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Yes, There's A Mob Of Radical Amish Who Cut Non-Believers' Hair

Yes, the vast majority of Amish folks are kindly farmer-types, who would love nothing more than to sell you a jug of unpasteurized milk and wish you a good day. And by "vast majority" I mean that some of them are actually radical beard-cutters who stalk their villages, ready to snip the beards of other, more moderate, Amish.

The location: an eastern Ohio Amish community, where CNN reports the "Amish-on-Amish" crimes (thank you CNN for giving us this term) involve radical Amish who pull other men out of their home by their beards, hold them down, and then go to town with some clippers. The scariest part: This was not the act of a lone radical, but a gang consisting of as many as 30 men and women--most likely members of an Amish "cult" run by a guy named Sam Mullet. 

Yes, we can understand why a guy with his name might have hang-ups about hair.

Via: CNN