Porsche's 'Project Gold' 911 Turbo Is a Stunning '90s Throwback

It's perfect.
By Dan Carney ,

From clothes to video games to booze, the '90s are back in full force. Now, that goes for cars as well.

Porsche recently found the unused bodyshell for a circa-1998 911 lying around unused, and they decided to make something very special with it.

In these days of modern factory recreations of classic models, it was a no-brainer for Porsche to build this bare shell into a gorgeous one-off 911 Turbo from the last generation of classic 911s powered by air-cooled engines (code-named '993').

Dubbed 'Project Gold,' this 993 is finished in Golden Yellow Metallic, a color from the current 2018 911 Turbo S Exclusive Series, with Golden Yellow design accents on the wheels, and seats and interior trim stitched with Golden Yellow details. 

Stuttgart's expert technicians bolted in a brand-new 450-horsepower version of the turbocharged 3.6-lite air-cooled flat six-cylinder engine to power this golden child, which will be auctioned next month for the Ferry Porsche Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to education, social issues, and youth development.

Power goes to the ground through an appropriate six-speed manual gearbox and an all-wheel drive system, also using new components from the Porsche parts bin.

Project Gold looks irresistible, but be forewarned that if you prevail in the car's charity auction, you won't be able to drive it on the street. That's because, as an authentic 1998 Porsche 911, it doesn't meet modern standards for crash safety, or more significantly, pollution control. 

It was the difficulty of getting the air-cooled engine to meet modern pollution limits that prompted Porsche to switch from the simpler, lighter design of its original engines.

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