5 Foods You Must Own

Food expert Jeffrey Saad walks us through love and cannibalism.

The Cooking Channel’s resident nice guy, Jeffrey Saad, has a show—United Tastes of America, a new book, Jeffrey Saad’s Global Kitchen: Recipes Without Borders, and an incredible knowledge for international cooking and spices. We chatted with him about how to heat up our love lives, stock our pantries, and cook humans.

Grocery Staples for Guys:

1. Canned tuna. "You can make magic with it."

2. Eggs. "Having your fridge stocked with these is like having 12 sous chefs in your fridge. Knowing you've got an egg, is knowing you have a meal."

3. Dried Pasta.

4. Canned tomatoes.
"These can burst into a wonderful sauce or the base of a fish stew or chicken parmigiana."

5. Spices. "Smoked Paprika, it just feels very manly. And whole cumin seeds for sure. Whole fennel seeds, five spice, and Herb de Provence-- a delicate juice herb that will let the ladies know you have a softer side."

Junk Food Guilty Pleasure

“Something about melted American cheese still warms my soul. You know it’s like every food is tied to a memory just like every great song.  And I grew up eating so much American singles. I can hear the plastic crinkling as I think about unwrapping it.  My mom would just have that stuff stacked in the fridge and it made everything taste better to just have a little melted cheese on it.”

Screw the Language of Love-- it's all about food!

"I got the woman of my dreams, and I attribute a lot of it to wining and dining her. If you’re a guy and you know how to cook, then you probably know how to eat and if you know how to eat, you’re more likely to enjoy the world in general.  Food’s a great way to please people and connect. If you can cook, it means you’re going to entertain and appreciate food more."

Three Meals That Will Impress a Woman 

“Firstly, find out what they like. Know how to make a killer pasta. Once you have the technique of making pasta down, you can make so many different kinds.  Then learn how to make some badass tacos because that always reminds people that you don’t take yourself too seriously.  You also need to know how to make at least one really amazing slow cooker dish that can be enjoyed family-style.”

Weird Eats: Roley Poley Fish Heads

“I had duck balls at Michael Chiarello’s restaurant years ago in Napa, and that was kind of a trip. I also had a fish bladder in China last year, as well as a bunch of fish heads and chicken feet. But the fish bladder-- that was really wild and I actually really liked them. I’m not a huge innards guy, but the fish bladder is just incredible. And when I say bladder,  it’s actually the buoyance device that  blows up like a balloon inside of a fish and keeps them from just spinning around randomly. It’s really popular in China. They’re hanging in the streets and all the markets. They vary in size based on the size of the fish. It was really good. It’s called maw.”

If Jeffrey Saad was a Cannibal…

First course would be a nice eyeball soup, like an Albondigas—get some Mexican spices in there, and that would be kind of a delicacy. Then, I’d move on to some nice belly bacon-- everything (fattiness) collects around the ribs and towards the belly- and eggs… that would be delicious. Depending on the victim, a nice prosciutto would be good because you know, that comes from the butt. And if you’re still hungry, some candy lips would be a good way to finish the night. You can spice up body parts in any way you want!

Check out Jeffrey Saad’s Global Kitchen: Recipes Without Borders.

“When you open the front cover of this book it’s like opening the door to my house and life.  It’s my taste of the world from being a chef and a traveler, restaurateur, dad, and husband.  Each chapter is broken down by country and the flavor and the spices that identify that country. The goal is to drag your tongue across the globe get a taste of the world.  Nobody could ever claim to be an expert on every cuisine, but this is what I’ve experienced."