The 9 Best Celebrations in Sports Video Games

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Verbally berating a loser is fun but there’s nothing like in-game celebrations to drive the point home. Hike up those knee-high socks, here are some of our favorites.

NASCAR The Game - The Champagne Spray

If you’re one of the handful who actually owns NASCAR The Game then you have access to one of our favorite celebrations; The Champagne Spray. We’re just glad it’s not milk.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters - The Fist Pump

We don’t play golf but when we do, landing on grass of any sort is usually cause for a celebration. When we play Tiger Woods, there’s only one thing that warrants an iconic fist pump: Winning The Masters.

MLB 2K12 - The Perfect Game

Pitching a perfect game not only means you just defiled an opponent who’s now likely crying in the corner of a shower somewhere, but it also gives you a chance to win a million bucks as part of the "Perfect Game Competition." Your own celebration IRL should more than make up this one being a bit stiff.

NCAA Football 2011 - The Headliner

Despite the assbackwards nature of the BCS, it’s still a big deal to win it and NCAA Football 11 gives that win some very appropriate reverence. Sadly, you can’t win the BCS with a team of Mascots but we sure wish you could. Love the celebratory newspaper.

UFC Undisputed - The B-Boy

If there’s anything better than pummeling your opponents into the canvas, we don’t know what it is. Oh wait, yes we do, it’s doing that and then breakdancing like a B-boy.

NHL 2K11 - The Glitch

Sometimes a glitch is more fun than the official game. No one should be celebrating after this lazy goal but kissing afterwards definitely doesn’t seem appropriate. Save that shit for the locker room, fellas.

NBA 2K12 - The Gatorade Dump

It doesn’t matter if it’s done in terrible, pixelated animations - if someone’s not getting doused in Gatorade, it’s just not a win. Hence our objection to every Presidential election.

Madden 12 - The Ticker Tape

The mother of all championship wins calls for the mother of all celebrations. Not only does Madden 12 kick off the Superbowl win celebration on the field, it takes it through all the way to the ticker tape parade. They even removed the homeless people!

FIFA 12 - Anything and Everything

As usual, FIFA leads the way for other sports games. Not being able to celebrate a goal in your own unique way is like not being able to breathe. That’s why there are 60 ways to celebrate in FIFA 12. Take notes, Madden.