The 9 Best Odell Beckham Photoshops

After his sick 3-fingered catch, the internet turned Odell Beckham into the world’s most talented meme.

In the NFL, if one-handed catches are rare, three-fingered touchdown grabs are the holy the grail of football, and Odell Beckham Jr. just found it. Even Randy Moss conceded that he doesn’t have a catch in career to beat it. 

Of course, he’s a Giant, so his team lost. But the three-second Vine of that godly catch deserves a place in the hall of fame. While that nomination is pending, check out what Twitter did with the picture of Beckham’s outrageous reach.

What Odell Beckham did after that crazy catch:

Starred in a Kanye West video.

Improved a Michelangelo.

Adorned some Jordans.

Did the Jennifer Grey.

Basketball Jonesed.

Lent 50 Cent a much-needed hand.

Parkoured off Kim’s bench.

Just hung out.