Watch Your Bad Memories Explode on "Blow It Up!"

A new web series takes objects you hate and makes them go boom.

Tory Belleci has been on MythBusters for nine years now, and in that time, he's become very fond of explosions. 

"We blow stuff up all the time on that show," he tells us, "but it's one of those things I just never get tired of. Every time it's a rush." Perhaps that's why Belleci has decided to host a web series of his own called "Blow It Up!" The concept is simple: Someone gives Belleci an object with a bad memory attached to it — a roommate's stinky couch, an ex-girlfriend's gifts — and he straps dynamite to it, and, well, blows it the hell up. "It's kind of like a public service. It's very cathartic," he says. "We're blowing up everything from a wedding dress from a woman who never made it to the altar to a giant 25-foot stack of speakers for DJ Deadmau5." Check out the very first episode, in which Belleci helps a pal say goodbye to an old car.

Got something you want to see destroyed on "Blow It Up!"? Let us know in the comments, and we'll let Tory Belleci know!

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