Bill Belichick Loses it in Tense Bills-Patriots Game

Don’t worry, coach, Tom Brady’s coming back soon.

They’ve been winning up till the Sunday matchup with the Buffalo Bills, but it looks like Tom Brady’s Deflategate-related time off may just be getting to New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick

Just after a 1st quarter touchdown by the Bills, the cameras captured the usually stone-faced coach having a moment on the sidelines. Either Belichick was frustrated at his team being behind for once or he’s a Mac guy (the Microsoft Surface is the official tablet of the NFL). 

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The game was on a bad footing before it even began. As the teams warmed up prior to kickoff, Bills safety Robert Blanton shoved acting Patriots QB Jacoby Brissett, setting off the closest thing NFL players ever see to a slap-fight. It didn’t blow up into a free-for-all, but it seemed to set the tone for the game to come: the Bills were ready to bring some pain to their New England neighbors.

At the two-minute warning prior to halftime, the Buffalo team was doing just that, 13-0.

Perhaps Coach Belichick will be kinder to his electronic equipment when Brady’s back to run the show for a game against the Cleveland Browns on October 9th.

h/t Brobible