Blake Griffin Claimed Lob City Was Dead. Blake Griffin Lied.

Can we trust the Clippers star about anything anymore?

“Lob City doesn’t exist anymore. Lob City is done.” So claimed Blake Griffin before the start of the new NBA Season. “We’re moving on and we’re going to find our identity during training camp, and that will be our new city. No more Lob City.”Blake Griffin is a bald-faced liar. Anyone who watched last night’s game between the Clippers and Warriors knows this. And anyone who didn’t watch it should know the truth. Lob City — the nickname Blake gave to the high-flying Clippers when they signed Chris Paul before last season – DOES exist. It does.

Exhibit A:

Chris Paul LOBS the ball to DeAndre Jordan, who throws down a vicious slam. Lob City dead? No. Lob City lives!

Exhibit B:

Come on Blake. How can we trust you about anything anymore? That’s three straight plays where Paul lobbed you the ball for alley-oops.  What are we supposed to make of this? Should we believe those commercials where you travel back in time to give advice to your younger selfwhen you’ve so blatantly misled us with this whole Lob City fiasco? We don’t think so. Why would we believe you’ve solved the mystery of time-travel when you’ve proven so dishonest? It’s disgraceful. Shame on you, Blake!