A Dude Was Filmed Having Sex on a Flight, Turns Out He Had Pregnant Fiancée at Home

He’s toast.

And now a raunchy story from across the pond.

Recently, a “lad” from Manchester (that’s in England) was on a Ryanair flight (kinda like the Southwest of Europe) to Ibiza, Spain (comparable to Vegas, but with beaches). 

On his merry little flight, an unidentified blonde hopped on his lap and straddled him. The incident went viral after being filmed on Snapchat by a fellow passenger, and reports indicate the young lady soon pulled down her “knickers” and that the two “properly shagged.”

What a cad! Proper fun! 

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But it wasn’t all fun and a game of cribbage. The Sun unearthed that the couple had only just met on the flight, and that the lad, 31-year-old Shaun Edmondson, has a pregnant fiancée at home. He was on his way to Ibiza for a stag (bachelor party) weekend with some of his “top mates.”

At least he used protection. Passengers recounted that he asked his fellow passengers “Anyone got any jelly?” before his mile-high romp. That’s how they say condoms. 

Miraculously, The Sun was able to track down his 52-year-old father-in-law, who had this to say: “I’ve seen the video but I haven’t spoken to Shaun about it yet. I haven’t a clue whether he’s in trouble over it or not.”

Not sure how it works in England, but we’d think yes. 

h/t Unilad