Charlie Day Likes It Weird

The comedic genius behind It's Always Sunny talks his new movie and turning down the sexual advances of one Jennifer Aniston.

In the Horrible Bosses movies, your character is sexually harassed by Jennifer Aniston, and hates it! What’s up with that?

Well, in reality I like her a lot. But man, she’s famous. Really famous. She has what I’d describe as an undesirable level of fame.  

It’s Always Sunny is going into its 10th season. Did you and costars Rob McElhenney and Glenn Howerton expect that kind of staying power?

No way. In the beginning it was “Let’s see if we can get something on the air.” Then it was “Let’s see if we can keep it on the air.” Then, “Let’s see if we can make it to syndication.” And now it’s “Let’s see how long we can drag this damn thing out.” 

Did you know going in how reliably un-PC the show would end up being?

Well, none of us are PC in our daily lives, and we’d all rather see an R-rated comedy than a PG comedy. We all have a dark sense of humor, but it was never a question of pushing the envelope. It was just, “Well, do we think this is funny?” We just ran with it.

How did the show start?

The three of us knew each other from various auditions, so we became friends and started hanging out doing, uh…


Yeah…and script readings! We were creative and ambitious!

Like showing two homeless guys having sex under the Jersey shore boardwalk, as you did this season?

I actually pitched that scene, because I’d seen it in real life!

Wait, what?

Oh, I’ve seen worse. When you live in New York, you see all manner of freaky behavior, whether it’s people defecating in public or making love to one another.

“Making love” makes that scene sound a lot more romantic than it was.

Well, it was definitely consensual. I think it was Rob’s idea to have the guys’ pants down. That was further than I wanted to go with it.

Photos by Kurt Iswarienko / Trunk Archive