A Chat With DJ Pauly D

We talked with the reality star to get some tips for living it up. Yeeeah, buddy!

“Cabs are heeeeyah!” Paul DelVecchio a.k.a. DJ Pauly D is back sans Jersey Shore housemates in the new MTV series, The Pauly D Project. And with a new deal with 50 Cent, a tour with Britney Spears, and a new single (which also serves as the theme song of his new show), “Night of My Life,” we’d say things are looking good for the reality favorite. We chatted with him to get some tips for living it up. Yeeeah, buddy!

On ThePauly D Project

I’m really excited about it.  The world gets to see me, personally. Usually it’s just me partying on Jersey Shore, but with The Pauly D Project, they’ll see where I come from, meet my family, and see what it’s like to be a touring DJ. My favorite thing I got to do while filming was visit my high school and surprise the kids at a school dance. You’ll also see me tour with Britney Spears and sign [a record deal] with 50 Cent. But I really did miss living in the house with my Jersey Shore family.

New Audience Favorite

I know fans are going to like my man Jerry because he’s a character.  He’s so funny. He’s like a jokester who rips his shirt off all the time, and we play pranks on him. 

Pauly D’s Top Picks for Springtime Jams

Rihanna is killing it.  She’s on fire, and all of her songs right now are hot.  Chris Brown has got some dope tracks out right now. Also, Calvin Harris and Nicki Minaj.  House music is what’s up right now.

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Meet Him in Las Vegas

I love DJing out there.  Everybody out there has the same mind frame.  They all are in straight party mode.

His Top Picks for the Maxim Hot 100? (Place your votes here)

Adriana Lima, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Eva Mendes

Working with Brit-Brit

It was amazing. I’ve been a fan of my whole life. The fact that I was able to tour with her and meet her was like a dream coming true for me.

Guilty Pleasures?

I’m a Belieber.  I have all of Justin Bieber’s albums, including his Christmas album.  You better not tell anybody.

Words of Wisdom

I’ll give you the advice that my father gave me:  “Never get old.”  Obviously, you’re going to get old, but don’t let yourself.  You’re only as old as you feel. 

Looking on to season 6 of Jersey Shore

It will be a little different this year because some things have changed. It’ll be interesting…

The Pauly D Project airs Thursday nights at 10:30/9:30c on MTV.

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