Why CM Punk Got Paid Way More Than the Dude Who Destroyed Him

What's next for the WWE star-turned-MMA washout?
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By nearly all measures, CM Punk's UFC debut on Saturday was a disaster. He was utterly destroyed in the cage by youngster Mickey Gall. He may have embarrassed himself with a cliche-ridden post-fight speech. And Dana White publicly declared that any more attempts at MMA for Punk won't be taking place under the UFC banner

Three days later, we now know that there's one part of Saturday's fight that's anything but embarrassing for Punk—his fat payday. The former WWE superstar walked away from his first round submission with $500,000. Meanwhile, Gall netted $15,000 for fighting and another $15,000 for winning. A half million beats $30,000 every time. 

Of course, Gall is in for more UFC paydays while Punk will have to find a new home if he intends to keep his MMA career alive, which is a blessing for the 37-year-old. If he stands at chance of succeeding in this game, he needs to fight men who are more at his level. 

Gall may not be a proven commodity, but he's a hungry, athletic 24-year-old and as Saturday night proved, that was more than enough to overwhelm the wrestling vet. 

If the UFC does indeed cut Punk, which seems certain at this point, his name will help him find a new home in MMA. There's little doubt that Bellator, ever eager to sign gimmicky fighters, would snatch up a guy with Punk's power to draw. 

But before he hits another MMA promotion, Punk might want to consider a different move: Going all the way down to the amateur ranks and climbing his way up to the top.