College and Pro Games of the Week Feb 3

Say goodbye to football and hello to the worst sports month.

College: Kentucky at Florida

When: Saturday, February 5, 9:00pm ET

The 2011 Wildcats look very different from the 2010 Wildcats. And so does their record. With losses to teams like Ole Miss and Alabama, Kentucky aren’t even leading the SEC East. In fact, the team that has that distinction is the Florida Gators. So this early February match-up has some big implications for seeding down the line.

Who Will Win: The Cats are too good to keep losing. The Gators can shoot the ball, but UK will have a chip on their shoulder after a last second loss to Mississippi on Tuesday.

Pro: Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers

When: Sunday, February 6, 6:30pm ET

Well, here it is, the biggest sporting event of the year. By now you’ve been bombarded by every angle, every storyline (sometimes about hair) and every interview. So let’s get to the things that matter:

–Half the Steelers team has already been to the Super Bowl, so they’re much more prepared to deal with the circus.

–The Steelers play in a much harder league. The AFC was head and shoulder above the NFC. To put it in college football terms, think of an SEC team going against a PAC 10 team.

–The Packers needed a pick-6 from a gigantic fat guy to eek out a win against the Bears third-string quarterback.

So Who Will Win: While my gut says the Packers (it also says “Nachos are awesome”) the Steelers are the team my brain keeps telling me will win. Steelers 27, Packers 20.