Did Spotify Just Kill The Karaoke Bar?

The streaming service has added lyrics to its vast music library. 

Spotify, the streaming music service that your parents have heard of, has apparently set their sights on the karaoke industry. The service has just rolled out a new feature that will help listeners sing along to lyrics by showing them said lyrics. No more will you have to trudge to a local karaoke bar or rent a karaoke machine to sing along with “Let’s Dance.” Now, everyone is one laptop away from the most bangin’ karaoke party this side of K-Town.

We’re all for more singing, but this new development might just spell the end of the cheesy karaoke music video, a much beloved genre that thrived during the eighties. Singing “Simply The Best” is one thing, singing it while a borderline nonsensical series of images plays behind you – something else entirely. 

Photos by Getty Images