The Downsides of Being a Tennis Super Star

Sloane Stephens fills us in on the lows (and highs) of being a professional tenniser

Sloane Stephens fills us in on the lows (and highs) of being a professional tenniser

Photographed by Amanda Schwab | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012

At the age of 19, Sloane Stephens has picked up three Junior Grand Slam titles and turned full-fledged tennis professional. She’s also got tons of free pain relief gel, thanks to her partnership with BENGAY to promote their new Zero Degrees. Stephens may lead a charmed life, but there’s a dark side to international sports stardom. Just ask Teen Wolf.

Your Birthday Is Meaningless

I was in Miami, and I played the last match of the day, so I didn’t play until like 6:00. So I was at the site the whole day. And then I was like, “It’s time to go to sleep, my birthday is over!” I didn’t really get to celebrate, but I did love Miami, so it didn’t even matter.

Not Enough Time to Prep for Taboo Matches Against the Williams Sisters

I was on Serena’s team. And on the first night, the first word that I got — I had never played this before — was like “contemporary” or something. I didn’t get the word, and she was like, “You’re traded!” And Venus was like, “I don’t want her.” So I was one of the kids that got picked last. It’s cutthroat. And then whoever’s reading the word, Serena has to be [in your face]. So of course I’m thinking, ‘The best tennis player in the world is eyeing me down.’ The next night, Christina [McHale] and I were looking up words. We had to practice.

Your Stuffed Animals Aren’t Safe

I had a Build-a-Bear that got stolen. I was devastated.

Your Agent Won’t Let You Meet Blake Griffin

[LA Clippers’] Blake Griffin, oh my God, he is the love of my life. If anybody knows him, please give him my number right now. I’m so in love with him, I’ve been in love with him forever and my agent won’t even let me meet him! [Ed. Note: This didn’t make us feel inadequate about ourselves at all. Thanks, Sloane!]

Tim Tebow Might Blast Miranda Lambert At 8AM

I practice at UCLA and he’d be there working on his throwing or whatever and every morning he would blast country music. He’d be listening to like Miranda Lambert at 8 o’clock in the morning. Blasting it. And we were just like, “Really, dude?” But I guess he’s Tebow, he can do whatever he wants.

Photographed by Amanda Schwab | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012


Her Favorite Video Games

My brother plays like it’s his day job, so I always tell my agent “I need more games, because he's always beating me!” We play a lot of basketball, we play 2K, FIFA and a lot of Midnight Club. I’m so terrible at those. But we have Kinect and we play the dancing one. I’m the only one who has rhythm, so I win.

On Her Goal of Getting 30,000 Twitter Followers

Oh my God, I’m nowhere close. [laughs] But I’m going to get them, because I’ve got 5,000. I only need 25,000 more. That’s 25,000 people in this world that need to follow me on Twitter. They will! They will! We need a slogan. [Help Sloane achieve her goal by following @sloanetweets!]