Watch this Exclusive Clip of Emily Ratajkowski and Aaron Paul in 'Welcome Home'

The danger is real.
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Emily Ratajkowski seems to be moving steadily into acting—and maybe away from modeling?—and in Maxim's exclusive first look at a scene from Welcome Home, her acting chops are on display.

Welcome Home is a thriller, and Ratajkowski and Aaron Paul play Cassie and Bryan, a troubled young couple attempting to renew their relationship on an Italian holiday. But things don't go that smoothly.

Enter the ultra-smooth Riccardo Scamarcio as the couple's landlord, Frederico. In the clip, Paul's Bryan arrives, obviously out-of-sorts, to find the gruesome remains of a rabbit in the kitchen and Cassie and Frederico having wine. 

The tension is immediate as Bryan and Cassie lock eyes—she's angry with him, and he's freaked out. Riccardo attempts to calm things down... but it's immediately obvious he has an agenda. 

Aaron Paul; Emily Ratajkowski

Aaron Paul; Emily Ratajkowski

If you watch the trailer, it's plain that something truly creepy is afoot. 

Welcome Home is available exclusively today on DIRECTV, then in select theaters and on VOD Nov. 16