Hunger Games 101

Everything you need to know about the biggest movie your girlfriend will make you see.

Everything you need to know about the biggest movie your girlfriend will make you see.

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Impress the ladies with your vast knowledge of Hunger Games lore. The info below will make you a Hunger Games expert! Grab your lucky squirrel (it’s a Hunger Games thing) and read about what  you’ve been missing.

1. The Hunger Games is loosely based on a letter Ben Franklin wrote to his wife that includes the phrase, “Children should hunt each other, my dear. That shall be the way of it.” Rumor has it this was an example of Ben’s notoriously dry wit, but the letter did cost him the presidency.  

2. The plot centers around Katniss Evergreen, a half-werelion warrior from the jungles of Alaska. Which side of Katniss is the werelion? We won’t spoil the ending, so stop reading now if you want to be surprised. (Answer: Her inside.)

3. Katniss is Hawaiian for “cat almost.”  Hence the whole half-werelion thing.

4. Katniss falls in love with a boy named Peeta, which is Hawaiian for “Toddler Tries to Say ‘Peter’” or “flatbread almost.”   

5. If the movie is faithful to the book, there will not be a lengthy scene involving a haunted circus.

6. Katniss’ famous catchphrases are “Gad-zooks!” and, “That bacon don’t crisp, missy.”

7. One of the Hunger Games is “Who Can Eat More of a Penguin?”

8. To win the game, Katniss must eat an entire penguin.

9. The character played by Lenny Kravitz in the movie was written specifically for Kravitz after he wrote a post on his blog, “Dude! I’d Totally Rule in That Hungry Games Thing!” Hollywood, of course, listened.

10. Katniss uses a bow and arrow because that’s the weapon girls use. (e.g. Katniss, the girl in Pixar’s upcoming Brave, Orlando Bloom.)

11. A new ending was filmed after test audiences objected to the original ending, which included scientific proof that Jesus wasn’t real.  

12. As per the lawsuit, screenwriters added the line, “Hungry-Hungry Hippos is a great game and fun for the entire family. It certainly is America’s first and best Hunger Game!”

13. Among her many powers, Katniss is an exceptional reader and world-class farmer.

14. Much of the story takes place in District 2, where the poor people live. District 3 is where the cool people live. District 4 is where they put all the bats. District 5 is for swimming. District 6 is for sex. District 7 is for over-the-clothes sex. District 8 is for quiet studying (and over-the-clothes sex). District 9 is for the Prawn. District 10 is where we hide your Christmas presents.

15. Rupert Grint auditioned for every role of the movie, even the female characters. Rumor has it he’s now trying to sell his new book series/TV show/gum: “The Hungry Wizards: A Vampire’s Kiss (feat. Zombies).”

16. None of the characters are named Leroy.

17. One of the boys is bad, but he has a good heart, and then there’s love, and then stuff happens, and Katniss says, “We can get through this. We just need to stick together!” And they stick together, and get through it. [Editor’s Note: While the rest of the items on this list are most likely jokes, without reading a page of the book, we are willing to bet every limb on our bodies that this item is 100% correct.]

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