J.R. Smith Sprays Champagne On Bottle Service Beauty In Tiny Lebron Jersey

The Cavs partied in Vegas with custom Moet & Chandon bubbly after their championship win.

When the Cavs hit the locker room last night to start celebrating winning the NBA championship, they had customized bottles of some fine champagne waiting for them. 

Moet & Chandon produced hundreds of bottles of bubbly for the Cavs, each with an “OH” to commemorate Ohio and a map of the state, presumably to help find your way out. A few of the bottles even had this crystallized Cavs logo. 

All told, there were 350 bottles worth $21,000 in the locker room, according to CBS Sports.

And how did the team use it? They sprayed it on themselves, on each other and, in the case of J.R. Smith, on bottle service hotties in Las Vegas, where the team stopped for one hell of a nightcap on the way home to Cleveland. 

Watch the video above to see Smith have a spray-off with a bottle service beauty wearing what appears to be the world’s smallest Lebron jersey.