Latitude 48 IPA

A beer that teaches a geography lesson!

A beer that teaches a geography lesson! 

Brand: Latitude 48 IPA

As a part of their Hopology Collection, Samuel Adams has produced Latitude 48, made from the hops of growing regions near the "hop belt" of the 48th Latitude. We've got to say that this is probably our favorite belt.

Don't you just love learning?


Though it's got different hops and citrus malts making it hop, the bite is very subtle. If you're a hop fiend, then this is probably kid stuff to you, but we like the mildness of it. The caramel-colored Latitude 48 makes a great party beer-- your guests will find it very drinkable. And if they don't, more for you!


*As a side note, Samuel Adams is donating profits from its marathon beer to charity in the wake of what happened in Boston last week. We'll drink to that. 

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