Lust See TV


Tune in. Turn on. And drop everything to check out the hottest part of Maxim’s annual TV blowout! Be sure to check out two more of TV’s sexiest girls: October covergirl Mila Kunis and Elisha Cuthbert. (Sometimes there’s just too much sexy to fit on one page.…)

Sasha Alexander
Where you’ve seen her:
As Pacey’s frisky older sister on the teen tearjerker Dawson’s Creek and now playing an authority-bucking plastic surgeon on the new CBS medical drama Presidio Med.

Anal retentive:
“In my first scene I’m performing a liposuction. They built a prosthetic butt for this actress that I had to insert a 15-inch catheter into and scrape away. After five straight hours of shooting, I wanted to vomit.”

Kristin Bauer
Where you’ve seen her:
As a stripper-turned-porn-star in the indie movie Dancing at the Blue Iguana. If you’re sans cable, her frequent guest appearances on shows like Just Shoot Me and Seinfeld (as “man hands”) might jog your memory. You can now catch her on the new NBC sex-in-the-suburbs comedy Hidden Hills.

Clothes call:
“Growing up in Wisconsin was a lot like That ’70s Show. Actually, my dad had a shooting range down in the basement and an intercom system so that my mom wouldn’t be walking down with laundry and get shot.”

Poppy Montgomery
Where you’ve seen her:
As Marilyn Monroe in the TV miniseries Blonde and now appearing on the CBS investigative drama Without a Trace.

“People used to say, ‘You kinda look like Marilyn before she was Marilyn.’ It’s the whole Norma Jean thing.”

Jennifer Sky
Where you’ve seen her:
As futuristic warrior Cleo on the Sam Raimi–produced syndicated series Cleopatra 2525 and now appearing in the first episode of Fastlane, the hipster kid brother to ’80s touchstone Miami Vice.

G.I. Jenny:
“Action roles are the most fun, especially for women. I don’t know how I keep getting so lucky! I’ve never been the girlfriend who sits home cooking.”