Into the Mild

Man Vs. Wild tough guy Bear Grylls got bit by the bubble bath bug. 

You don’t seem like a bubble bath guy.

When I come home from a long journey, the first thing I do is take a nice hot bubble bath with my three little boys. It’s what keeps me motivated out there, helps me get out of those places in one piece.

I suppose you can’t get that fix in the wild. 

Well, there’s white water–but that’s one of the few things I’ve learned to be ultra-cautious with. That and saltwater crocodiles. This is a nice antidote, to get into a lot of white bubbles that aren’t dangerous. 

What’s the worst place you’ve ever tried to bathe?

Probably after crossing a glacial river in Iceland in a 60 miles-per-hour hailstorm. I could see the volcanic stream coming off a hot spring a kilometer away. I thought it was gonna be great, but it was literally two inches of hot mud. 

What’s the longest you’ve gone without bathing?

Three and a half months on Everest. After a week, you start to stink. After two weeks you realize, Oh, my God, I’m unacceptable to anyone. Next you think, Oh, it’s gone. I’m perfect now. But you’re not .

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