Meet OnlyFans Model and Influencer Lexi Griswold

The rising model and influencer is also a legit sneakerhead who loves Air Jordans.
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Lexi Griswold - Roman Novi (2)

Alexis "Lexi" Griswold is the latest gorgeous influencer to offer content via OnlyFans, and here’s an exclusive first look at some of her hottest photos. 

Lexi Griswold Koda Styles 7 (5)
Lexi Griswold - Lexi Griswold

With nearly 475,000 follower on TikTok and 214,000 more on Instagram, Lexi decided to join the subscription-based content platform during the pandemic and never looked back. 

Lexi Griswold - Roman Novi (2)
Lexi Griswold Koda Styles 7 (1)

While Griswold's OnlyFans has proven to be a cash cow, she's also a bona fide fashion model who has been featured in campaigns for top brands including Fashion Nova, Revolve, and KO watches, to name a few. 

Lexi Griswold Koda Styles 7 (3)
Lexi Griswold Koda Styles 7 (4)

The fiery pics featured here—lensed by photographers Koda Styles and Roman Novi—show Griswold posing in eye-catching lace lingerie, Brazilian bikinis and the like. But what isn't shown is the self-admitted sneakerhead's impressive kick collection. 

Lexi Griswold Koda Styles 7 (2)
Lexi Griswold Koda Styles  (3)

“My favorite ones are the fire red Air Jordan IVs," Griswold says. "I also love all of my Air Jordan Is—they have the best colorways in my opinion, and it’s a classic silhouette. "The Air Jordan IIIs are also high on my list, especially the cements. I just hate that they crease easily on the toe box."

Lexi Griswold - Roman Novi (3)
Lexi Griswold - Roman Novi (1)

For more, visit Griswold's website, or follow her on Instagram or OnlyFans.  

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