Phone-Home Cocktail

Make a toast to aliens with this green booze concoction!
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It's still summer and still time to go out and watch movies! Let's toast to a classic, E.T. 

This cocktail is minty, citrusy, and ultra refreshing! 

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Check out the recipe below.

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Royalton Forty Four's Recipe for the August 19th Bryant Park showing of E.T.

*You have over a week to get to NYC to watch it! 


Herradura reposado tequila

Cilantro-mint syrup




Shaken together and served in a martini glass half-rimmed with salt.

It's mean, green, strong, and alien-themed. It's like the cocktail you always wanted to drink when you were a kid, but couldn't! Dreams come true!

(Well, maybe not all dreams.)

Sip responsibly!

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