Photos In Celebration of Crazy Horse


Crazy Horse, in theatres Friday, explores the real-life world of Le Crazy Horse Cabaret (est. 1951), the venue of the "best nude dancing show in the world" and recent host of recent, prestigious strip shows by Dita Von Teese, Carmen Electra, and Pamela Anderson recently. In other words, this movie is going to be like watching the Pussycat Dolls but French-ier and naked-ier. We can't wait.

Watch the trailer here (NSFW)

In anticipation of this film, we present you with some photos of...


Favorite pizza topping: Hair.

Can only get an erection when he cries or watches The Human Centipede.

Thinks the TV screen is a window.

Enjoys the taste of turtle blood. 

Memorized Twilight.

Thinks numbers stop at 6 and refuses to believe otherwise.

Engages in three-hour conversations with her shadow, which she named “Mommy Jr.”

Instead of chopsticks, uses blunt scissors.

Not allowed within 700 feet of Pet Smart because of…the incident.

Afraid of hats.