Rachel McAdams Joins 'True Detective'

The Mean Girl becomes a 'True Detective.'

We already knew the next season of True Detective was going to be good (Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn signed on earlier this year), but the newest reports take it up a notch: Rachel McAdams is a new true detective. McAdams will be one of the three detectives attempting to collectively have as much personality (and animosity toward each other) as McConaughy and Harrelson did last season.

And we’re happy a female investigator was included this time around (the show was criticized for its dearth of female roles last year). She’ll sex things up a bit and maybe punctuate the macho mumbling. But, to be clear, McAdam’s character, Sheriff Ani Bezzerides, will be a swashbuckling partner in anti-crime. She’s being described as a “detective whose uncompromising ethics put her at odds with the system she serves and whose troubled upbringing is responsible for her gambling and drinking problem.”

The image of a bourbon-swilling, gun-slinging Rachel McAdams who won’t give up on the truth makes us happy our HBO subscriptions are up to date. We can’t wait.