Saranac White IPA

Celebrate drinking with drinking! It's the anniversary of the Prohibition repeal!

Brand: Saranac White IPA

Price: $7.99/6-pack, $14.99/12-pack

Why You Want It: Brewed with spices and made with 30 different malts, 10 types of grain, and 15 varieties of hops, this flavorful IPA is just what the craft beer lover ordered. But we're raising our glass of Saranac to celebrate something more than just a good brew - we're toasting to the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition - April 7, 1933! The F.X. Matt Brewing Co., where Saranac is made, is New York's oldest brewery and was the first one to obtain a permit to renew beer sales. So sip on that! And be grateful to be free to drink (if you're 21)!