‘Pam & Tommy’ Trailer Shows Infamous Sex Tape Stolen From Safe

Seth Rogen plays the mulleted thief who swiped the steamy sex tape in the latest Hulu trailer.

Hulu’s new Pam & Tommy trailer takes a slightly more serious look at the late-90s pop culture conditions that spawned the world’s first viral sex tape.

Produced by Seth Rogen and longtime creative partner Evan Goldberg, the series stars Lily James and Sebastian Stan as the ultimate tabloid couple–Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee.


We again see Rogen as mulleted electrician Rand Gauthier—the man who stole a vault containing the tape, among other prized possessions like an AK-47—and Nick Offerman as dirtball porn producer “Uncle Miltie.”

The conniving pair try peddling the tape to Andrew Dice Clay’s Butchie, who advises that “Nobody’s ever getting rich off a celebrity sex tape.”

But things start taking off at a clip when Gauthier suggests they upload it to the World Wide Web, a burgeoning technology of the time.


A panicking Anderson and relatively passive Lee discuss the situation as the footage quickly spreads.

“How many copies of this are out there? You don’t seem to understand what a big deal this is,” the former Baywatch star says.

“I’m on that tape just the same as you,” the Mötley Crüe drummer responds, to which Anderson retorts: “But this is worse for me.”

Pam & Tommy hits Hulu on February 2.