Watch This Video On How To Make Mind-Bendingly Cool Weed Cocktails

Anybody up for a “Stoney Negroni” or a “Rolled Fashion”?

Are you a booze man or a weed fan? Now, you won’t have to pick sides as some chill as hell advancements in mixology that are sure to please both camps.

In a recent episode of Consumed on Eater, host Kat Odell ventured to Gracias Madre, an experimental Mexican restaurant in West Hollywood that dabbles in weed cocktails.

Beverage Director Jason Eisner shows how just a few drops of distilled CBD, an extract from cannabis, not only leave drinkers with a pleasant, low-grade high, but also ratchet up the flavor profiles of classic cocktails.

For instance, Eisner walks us through the steps to making his “Stoney Negroni” and then his “Rolled Fashion.”

Bonus points for weed puns.

h/t Highsnobiety