What We’re Watching This Week: David Guetta, Atsuko Kudo, and the Gravy Boat

Whatever’s on. We’re not gonna get up and look around for the remote.


Buffalo is now a frozen wasteland. It could be argued - and will be, by Dolphins fans anyway - that this was always the case, but things have certainly gone from bad to snowbound. Right now, we're all Buffalo-ans (-ites? -ians? -ese?) and that means we're all rooting for the Bills, who are playing in New Jersey or Detroit or whatever the hell it turns out to be. Go C.J. Spiller! Go quarterback by committee! Go David Guetta!

That last one isn't actually football related, but his new album is dropping. That's just a public service announcement.


Not that we pride ourselves on being up-to-date on the latest women's fashion trends, but the rise of Atsuko Kudo got our attention. The British label specializes in tight latex, which is a pretty great thing to specialize in as far as we're concerned. Their Instagram feed is an increasingly star-studded ode to light BDSM. We like to give it a glance during work - just to retain focus.

Speaking of ogling stuff online, we'll be placing an order for the Withings Activite, the much talked about smart watch that doesn't look dumb. Everyone (including us) has been drooling over this thing for ages. Time to get one.


"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" first aired in 1973. It holds up. Watch it.


The only real way to tell how a Thanksgiving meal is going is to watch the gravy. When it starts to run out, the serious eaters are about to go big with a final helping. We planning on beating them to the punch (literally and figuratively). 

When we're good and full, we'll continue eating in front of the games. Michael Crabtree, meet Richard Sherman. Oh, you two know each other? You don't care for each other? You called him a what? Sheesh.


There is only one thing to do on Black Friday: Digest. We will watch local news coverage showing people lined up outside of a Best Buy. We will not line up outside a Best Buy. A theater playing "Horrible Bosses 2"? Maybe.


There is a special on the Smithsonian Channel (a totally underrated channel) called "How to Clone a Woolly Mammoth." We defy you to come up with one goddamn reason not to sit through that. Pure genius.