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4 Badass Lobster Rolls

These fully-loaded summer sandos are guaranteed to hit the spot.

These days, it seems like every "cool" restaurant is serving lobster rolls, and while they may be delicious, at the end of the day they're all pretty much the same. But some kitchens are churning out more interesting, unique variations on the classic summer treat. Here are four of them. And, luckily, none of them are doing this.

Red Hook Lobster Pound’s Lobster BLT Roll

This Brooklyn favorite (which also operates an award-winning food truck) has taken the world’s two best things—lobster and bacon—and combined them into one mouth-wateringly insane-o sandwich. It all starts with fresh-picked Maine lobster meat blended with celery and spices, and doused in butter. Add in some full strips of crispy bacon and chipotle mayo, and you’ve got a quarter-pound slice of heaven on a hot dog bun.


Bite into Maine’s Spicy Lobster Roll

It may be a tiny food truck, but this Fort Williams Park go-to serves up a spicy lobster roll with some seriously large flavor. Made with curry, wasabi, and chipotle, it is served with a layer of homemade slaw and brushed with drawn butter. Mmm, butter. Oh, and also, LOBSTER.

Abbot’s Lobster's Burger-y Lobster Creation

Is it a burger or a lobster roll? A lobster roll or a burger? It’s almost too much for us to handle. Look at this delicious thing! Served hot, Abbot’s famous lobster roll contains a quarter-pound of sweet, sweet lobster meat, slathered in melted butter and piled high atop a sesame seed hamburger bun. Hope you’re not counting calories this summer.

Hinoki and the Bird’s Black Lobster Roll

The first thing you’ll notice about the lobster roll at this L.A. eatery is the bun. Because it’s black. Yep, that’s right: black. Chef Kuniko Yagi uses charcoal powder to die the roll; she then combines garlic aioli, salt, curry paste, and lobster meat in a mixing bowl, and tops the salad with Thai basil leaves and flowers. The finished product is a bona fide piece of edible art. Like a Slim Jim. Only not like that all.

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