Conquer Your Next Cookout With This Laser-Cut Coyote Grill

An outdoor grill as drool-worthy as the food it cooks.
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According to Native American mythology, the Coyote stole fire and gave it to man. Now that we have it, Coyote Outdoor Living's new 42-inch S-Series Grill will help you put that flame to excellent use.

Under a durable 304 grade stainless steel hood, new figure eight-shaped Infinity Burners evenly distribute 110,000 BTUs of heat across 1,275 square inches of grill space. Its rotisserie kit, smoker box and two infrared burners round out this outdoor cooking arsenal. So you've got all the power and variety you need to cook anything however you want—and with backlit knobs and interior lighting, whenever you want.

Laser-cut Signature Grates ensure each food's proper flame exposure

Laser-cut Signature Grates ensure each food's proper flame exposure (Photo: Coyote Outdoor Living)

Not only that, you can deliver the proper heat and flame exposure to each food you're cooking with their laser-cut Signature Grates. The widest openings let you char steaks to perfection, medium ones reduce the heat for chicken, and the narrowest openings help protect fish and veggies both from overcooking and falling through.

Other accessories include a drop-in charcoal tray

Other accessories include a drop-in charcoal tray (Photo: Coyote Outdoor Living)

This badass grill comes with a lifetime warranty on essential components and a limited warranty on the burners and housing. It's available through their soon-to-be-updated site for $3,000.

Optional accessories include a drop-in charcoal tray, natural gas/liquid propane conversion kit, custom cover, and stainless steel cart. But even just with the base model, you'll have everything you need to sizzle, sear and singe mouthwatering vittles throughout the summer and beyond.

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